We are preparing new releases 1n 2015 ... some singles and a NEW DVD & CD (our 7th in 5 years) ...all new songs will be RECORDED
After our 2014 Summer of 90 shows in & around Williams AZ, like Arnold, "WE'LL BE BACK" 
All of June, July & Aug. 2015 -- 2 shows each & every weekday -- Starting Memorial Day & ending Labor Day
Make your Grand Canyon Plans Now!!!

** PERFORMED 100+ SHOWS in 2014 **
As fate would have it in October 2009 -- 2 strangers sittin' on bar stools at The Bird Cage Saloon, Whiskey Row in Prescott, AZ started singin' Bell Bottom Blues in harmony & right then they got an offer to perform that night from the bartender... so began the saga of JC & Laney. 

JC SCOTT had written & released 5 CD's since 1990 as a solo artist & played with musicians from Arlo Guthrie, Lindsey Buckingham, Kenny Loggins & Weird Al. Oh & let's not forget Chuck Berry!

LANEY GREYNOLDS former high energy lead singer for Saddletramp (1988-2009) had excited audiences with one of a kind, emotionally charged vocal performances since she was old enough to breathe.

Now, as an Americana Acoustic Duo, they are best known as Singer/Songwriters with a wide variety of catchy original songs, emotional trademark harmonies & "anything goes" banter between themselves & their audience.  

They entertain audiences over 100 times each year in Arizona, California, Washington, Oregon & Nevada at FESTIVALS, PERFORMNG ARTS THEATRES and HOUSE CONCERTS -- or anywhere people gather to listen.

With legendary producer, Steve Wood (Musical Director for 25 Imax movies, Kenny Loggins, and the leaper of tall buildings), they have created 7 CDs in the past 5 years. 

Want to Hear JC & Laney Songs?

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(they play one right after another or you can skip around) 

Serendipity  (2010)
Will Ceases Never Wonder  (2011)
Heartbreak & Paradise (2012)
Out of the Dust: Live (2012)
Heart of Steel (2013)
  As We Are (2014)  
Hard Road to Easy Street (2015)

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